Conveyancing Kensington

When buying property, homeowners require all the help they can get to sail through the tortuous path of property transfer. The tricky process of transferring land or housing from the seller to the buyer is known as conveyancing. A conveyancing team can work with you from the moment you start hunting for a house to the moment that you receive your keys. Since there will be several twists and turns, it is critical to have an experienced person by your side to avoid surprises.

Why Hire A Solicitor?

A solicitor usually conducts the transfer process on your behalf since they have the expertise to undertake the process smoothly. If you decide to hire a Kensington conveyancer, you do not have to engage a broker or agent. In fact, hiring a solicitor can be more economical than working with a broker since the conveyancer will also guide you through the legal processes that can wear you down.

One of the most difficult aspects of conveyancing is to prepare the legal documents that facilitate the transfer process. A conveyancer in Kensington has the requisite skills required to draft the contract as well as the terms of engagement. It is important to have a skilled person to scrutinize the letter of offer and evaluate the title on your behalf. The department of land has every title deed on record.

What’s next…

Once you present the letter of offer to the department of land transfer, you can unearth plenty of details pertaining to the title. The study will unearth a host of encumbrances and liens associated with that title. If you proceed with the transaction without verifying these details, you will lose your investment. The Kensington law requires that you verify these details beforehand to avoid making a mistake since ignorance is no excuse.

When buying property, the broad range of homes to inspect and details to verify can overwhelm you. Fortunately, a conveyancing team can act on your behalf in the following ways:

  • One of the things that the Kensington conveyancer will do on your behalf is to conduct the legal searches to make sure that the title gets a clean bill of health.
  • If the title has any issues that may cause a dispute or hinder the development in future, the conveyancer will highlight these issues so that you can move on to the next deal.
  • It is important to check the title plan and register at the Land Registry. These documents provide sufficient proof of ownership and are legally admissible in court in the case of a dispute.

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