Melbourne Title Transfers

Are you looking to buy, sell or transfer your property title? Although most Melbourne Title Transfers occur when buying or selling property there may be other reasons why  property may be need to be transferred. Property may be left to as a devise in a will, your parents might want to gift property to you or you may be at the end of a property dispute with your ex-partner and require the property titles to be transferred.

Engaging a Melbourne Property Lawyer is essential so that the property is transferred correctly. Our office can arrange all the necessary documents to finalise your Melbourne Title Transfers. We will endeavour to make it as simple and efficient as possible.

Why would you require a Melbourne Title Transfers?

Land transfers may be required for a number of reasons. Each transfer is separate and the documents that may need to be drafted may vary. Some examples of why you would require Melbourne Title Transfers are as follows:

  • Pursuant to a breakdown of marriage and separation of assets
  • Gifting property to children or other relatives
  • Entitlement to the property as a beneficiary pursuant to a devise in a will
  • Asset protection purposes which may include Melbourne Titles Transfers between spouses
  • Transfer pursuant to survivorship application
  • Land title transfer between related parties

What can we offer to to finalise your Melbourne Title Transfers?

There are a number of process that need to finalised and a number of documents that need to be drafted. We can assist you by giving legal advise that is specific to your circumstances, asses stamp duty and Land Victoria lodgement fees, communicate with your bank for the release of the title if it is held by them, prepare all transfer, stamping and lodgement documents and ensure that the title is transferred as per your instruction.

We can also determine whether you are eligible 

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