Conveyancing Preston

Haitch Convey provides quality conveyance services in Melbourne at very competitive rates. Conveyancing is our specialty; we do it with lots of zeal, skill, and talent. We have wide range of conveyance services including development, commercial, and residential.

With Haitch Convey, buying and selling real estate comes with no hassle or stress. Our professional and friendly conveyancer will explain the whole buying and selling process and will make you understand your responsibilities and rights. We are committed to frequently updating you about the entire process of your conveyancing transaction.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with highest levels of professionalism and ensuring their satisfaction. We have many years of experience in conveyance services and are well versed in property law. In addition, we are transparent and honest in all our dealing. With Haitch Convey, there are no hidden fees or costs.

Mobile and Always Available

We offer our services at a time and location that is convenient for you. We understand that many of our clients have busy schedules and try to accommodate their schedules and family commitments when providing our services. Therefore, we can come to you at anytime of the day and even after business hours to provide conveyance services. We do not let traditional office hours limit our clients.

Our conveyancer is available to answer your questions 24/7. In addition, we will help you fill necessary paperwork by mailing them to your office or home so that you do not have to travel to our Preston office all the time a document needs to be signed. We will also assign one conveyance to you to make the entire process much smoother.

Outstanding Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is our priority and passion. We have an online system that helps both international and domestic clients in Preston to track their transactions. We provide professional conveyance advice in very simple terms so that you understand everything that entails your real estate transaction.

Online Conveyancer

Although we have our offices in Preston, we use the latest online conveyance technology to enable our clients to sign up for our services from any location in Preston. Our clients can log in to the system wherever they are using their laptops or smartphones and keep track of their real estate transactions. In addition, our online system is secured with encryption and passwords to prevent unauthorized access to our clients’ information.

Haitch Convey has gained a reputation for providing quality conveyance services to our clients in Preston, Melbourne. Call us today to find out what makes us stand out.

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