Conveyancing Eltham

Conveyancing is the legal process of handling the transfer of property from the seller to the buyer. A licensed conveyancer is a specialist in property transfer processes. As such, a conveyance undertakes the legal obligations and responsibilities that pertain to the transfer of property.

Evidently, conveyancing is necessary when buying and selling property. A conveyancing solicitor in Eltham oversees the settlement as well as title transfer procedures by making sure that every party meets the legal obligations as stipulated by the local land authorities. The Eltham conveyancer will also ensure that your rights are protected by identifying any signs of fraud and finding the right solutions to safeguard you from such problems.

The legal jargon and the amount of paperwork involved in the transfer process can be extremely complex, and can overwhelm the property buyer. Experts recommend that you hire a qualified, and licensed conveyancer to help you in the process. The amount of work involved, coupled with the need to verify every detail, and validate every document can be extremely tiring. While undertaking the transfer, your Eltham conveyancer will:

  • Read and verify the authenticity of all the documents before submitting them to the Ministry of Land Services
  • Search the title and its certificate to unearth any tricky issues, liens, and disputes
  • Undertake a thorough study in the local government authorities and the land department to unearth any caveats and encumbrances that may curtail the development or transfer process
  • Make the requisite inquiries regarding the zoning, moratoriums, titles and rates subdivision controls, and liens
  • Find out whether the lot is served by the requisite utilities such as water, sewage, and electricity
  • Organize meetings with the seller and ensure that the transfer process goes smoothly
  • Adhere to the terms of the contract and insist on full disclosure before closing the sale
  • Find out whether the title has some special requirements that must be fulfilled before the transfer and ensure that everything goes according to the plan
  • Liaise with several financial institutions to help you finance the deal in terms of a mortgage or bank undertaking

During the transfer process, the Eltham conveyancer will also ensure that you retain your documents for reference in case of a dispute. The preparation of the pertinent documents is crucial to the success of the transfer process. With a conveyancing team, you will have peace of mind once you know that the experts have done everything on your behalf.

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