Our office can also assist you with the following transactions: 

 Spousal property transfers.

 Property transfers between related parties. 

 Transfers following a breakdown of marriage.

 Transfers between various entities.

 Removal of names from title.

We will prepare the documents for your transaction, obtain a stamped transfer of land, and satisfy all of the State Revenue Office’s requirements. 

We will also transfer ownership of the property as requested by you. 

Stamp duty refund applications

Have you paid too much stamp duty?

You may be eligible for a principal place of residence, first home owner grant or pensioner concession.

We can assist you to obtain a stamp duty refund from the State Revenue Office.


We will prepare the documents for your refund application and satisfy all of the State Revenue Office’s requirement. 

Plan of subdivision

Subdivision involves the division of land into separate parcels, known as lots.

The process of subdivision is often complicated and can be stressful for property owners. 

Our office can prepare all documents to lodge a subdivision application with land registry.