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Frequently asked questions

We are here to answer all your legal and conveyancing questions. Below you will find answers to common questions we regularly receive.

Our conveyancing lawyers are highly qualified in all legal aspects of residential and commercial property transactions.

As part of our service, we will provide relevant industry knowledge and experience to ensure that all documentation is completed accurately and efficiently.

We offer comprehensive advice on all matters related to your transaction including the title, leases and transfer documents.

Online conveyancing has changed the way the process of buying or selling a property works. Traditional conveyancing services require many steps to complete, including face-to-face meetings and long waits for documents to be physically delivered through the post. This can often lead to an extended process which could last weeks or even months. 

All are staff are well equipped with technology including PEXA and online platforms to facilitate a seamless online transaction.

The main difference between a conveyancer and a lawyer is their qualifications and services they provide.

Lawyers are required to complete a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, while conveyancers only need an Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing plus minimal work experience.

Conveyancers are not allowed to provide legal advice on property transactions. However, lawyers who specialise in property law can offer valuable legal advice as well as all the services associated with conveyancing. In addition, if your property transaction gets complex property lawyers have the expertise to litigate the matter at court. Only lawyers are legally qualified to represent you at court proceedings.

Yes, at Haitchconvey we offer comprehensive residential and commercial conveyancing services. Our experienced team of qualified and experienced legal professionals specialise in all aspects of buying, selling, leasing and transferring residential and commercial property.