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Property Conveyancing Services in Melbourne

Our office provides conveyancing services for you to make the right purchasing and selling decisions.

conveyancing Melbourne

Buying property

We can assist you with all your conveyancing needs when purchasing your next property. Our services range from conveyancing for new or established homes, vacant land, farming land or commercial property.

conveyancer Melbourne

Selling property

Our qualified property lawyers will prepare your contract of sale and vendor statement (Section 32). We will attend to the discharge of mortgage, liaise with your real estate agent and settle the sale of your property.

conveyancing Melbourne

Other transactions

Other property related services include stamp duty refund applications (including first home owner grant refunds), spousal/related party title transfers, refinances, subdivisions and general property law advice.

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Benefits of working with a conveyancer

This is why you need a Melbourne-based conveyancing lawyer to assist you. All our conveyancers are supervised by senior conveyancing lawyers.

conveyancing Melbourne

No more legal jargon

Conveyancers can help you understand the complicated legal jargon associated with property transfers. If you need legal advice, a conveyancer can assist you with the decision-making process. 

conveyancing Melbourne

Smooth and stress free settlement

Conveyancers can arrange your settlement by finalising the details and date of the purchase or sale.  This includes the exchange of documentation and funds.

conveyancing Melbourne

We will work with you

Your conveyancer will work with you, each step of the way, to ensure you are providing and receiving all necessary documentation to support your sale or purchase.

conveyancing Melbourne

Legally qualified

Without qualified conveyancing and property lawyers, finalising the property transaction can be an arduous and confusing process.

conveyancer Melbourne

We draft all legal documents

Conveyancers can help you draft legal documents. Numerous documents are required when selling property in Melbourne, including drafting the Contract of Sale, the Section 32 Vendor’s Statement, the Transfer of Land and State Revenue Office forms. 

conveyancer Melbourne

No more guesswork or uncertainty

A conveyancer will take all the guesswork and uncertainty out of the process of transferring property.  Whether you are buying or selling, a lack of familiarity with paperwork and procedures can lead to hassles and delays. Working with the right property conveyancing lawyers will save you time and money.

conveyancer Melbourne

Easily accessible

Conveyancing lawyers will be in regular contact with you providing updates on the progress of your transaction.  Even though they will handle most of the legwork associated with your purchase or sale, you will be able to call or check online for an update at any time.

Conveyancing Cost

Prices starting from $880* incl GST

conveyancing Melbourne

How Haitch Property Conveyancing can help you:

At Haitch Convey, we know that you may feel overwhelmed by the process of property conveyancing.  Our conveyancing services are here to make that process as quick, easy, and seamless as possible.

We are committed to protecting your interest and the settlement of your transfer. We know you will have a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to our conveyancing services.  Our Melbourne-based conveyancers will patiently address each of your concerns to make sure you understand the process.

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Conveyancing Melbourne

When purchasing or selling property in Victoria, you will interact with a variety of professionals, from the selling real estate agent, surveyor, to mortgage brokers and solicitors. Purchasing a home is likely to be the most expensive purchase in your life.

It is critical to understand your obligations before you commit to a purchase. Without the correct expertise, you run the risk of incurring unnecessary expenses and delays. It is wise to engaged the right people to understand the necessary steps and to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.

The benefits of working with a conveyancer

Expertise and professionalism

Conveyancing Melbourne lawyers have training in all areas of law and are professionals in their field. They are well-versed in a variety of different legal procedures and may easily engage legal counsel through their own professional networks and practices. Our team at Haitch Convey are property lawyers who are highly experienced in dealing with difficult procedures that arise when buying or selling property. We are able to assist with all of your conveyancing needs, from contract reviews, related party property transfers, to the purchase or sale of both commercial property and residential property. At Haitch Convey, our experienced conveyancing lawyers assist in ensuring you are provided with the best service.

Legal Issues – Legal issues may arise during the the conveyancing process or after your settlement is completed. Our conveyancing lawyers will support you and walk you through the entire process; we will always put our client’s best interests first and do our best to ensure the conveyancing process is stress free and runs smoothly.

Transparency and support

Organising your finances – Our conveyancing lawyers will peruse all the conditions contained within the contract of sale to make sure that they are all compliant and in your interest. If your finance has not been approved we can draft the contract of sale subject to finance. If unconditional finance cannot be obtained you can always end the contract of sale pursuant to the subject to finance clause and seek a full refund of your deposit. The subject to finance clause will guarantee the return of your deposit.

Real estate agents – The selling agent is in charge of selling your property. We work with a variety of real estate agents frequently and can guide you in your negotiation with the real estate agent. It is critical you engage a conveyancing lawyer at the initial stages of your negotiation prior to the signing of the contract of sale.

Satisfaction with our service- Our office will interact and engage with various professions to make sure the transaction runs smoothly. This includes the real estate agent, your mortgage broker, the others parties licensed conveyancer or property lawyer. Our professional staff will handle the matter from start to finish. We will make every effort to ensure that you are completely pleased with the process.

Expenses will be outlined – Our conveyancing experts will provide you with a detailed estimate of our legal costs, as well as any payments you’ll be required to make for items like stamp duty, government fees, search fees and professional fees. We will provide you with our standard costs disclosure statement and outline individual costs. We will also keep you updated on when payments such as the deposit and remaining balance are due and payable.

Basis of ownership – Property can be owned as either tenants in common or as joint proprietors. Our licensed conveyancers and property lawyers will be able to explain the form ownership and guide you through the property journey so that you make the right decision. Once you decide on the form of ownership this will be reflected on the certificate of title. There are significant ramifications such as legal costs, stamp duty and government fee if you decide to change the form of ownership after settlement.

Friendly and understanding

Property conveyancing services in Melbourne – Do you intend to purchase or sell real estate in Melbourne? If so, you have undoubtedly already realised how difficult the conveyancing process can be. Many buyers and sellers are surprised by the amount of legal documents and administrative effort involved. This is why most property owners engage a qualified Melbourne-based conveyancing Melbourne lawyer to assist with the transaction. Our office provides conveyancing services for you to make the right purchasing and selling decisions. Our senior conveyancing lawyers are here to oversee your entire property transaction from start to finish.

How Haitch Property Conveyancing can help you!

At Haitch Convey we are aware that the procedure of real estate conveyancing may seem overwhelming. We’re here to make that procedure as quick, simple, and flawless as possible using our conveyancing expertise and our years of experience in the industry. Taking the stress and hassle away from you. We are devoted to securing the settlement of your transfer and safeguarding your property interest. When it comes to our conveyancing services, we are aware that you will have a lot of queries and concerns. Our conveyancers in Melbourne will carefully address each of your queries and make sure you understand the entire conveyancing process.

Lawyers and conveyancers in Melbourne


A property or conveyancing lawyers are often able to assist with a wide range of property enquiries and complex matter. Licensed conveyancers who are not property lawyers did not have the qualifications and expertise to deal with complex legal matters. At Haitch Convey, we have a talented team of staff including licensed conveyancers and property lawyers who oversee the process and are there for you for the entirety of the transaction.

This provides our conveyancing clients with peace of mind and security. It is important that you due your due diligence and engage professionals who provide a quality service and can assist in the event that something goes wrong. Our qualified conveyancing Melbourne lawyers can handle property disputes and attend to all your concerns. We have a deep insight into the local real estate market and any potential problems you should be aware of. As professional conveyancing solicitors our main concern is to work with each client on every aspect of their transaction to ensure their sale or purchase is a smooth process.