Things to Know Before Buying Property in Melbourne in 2023

Things to Know Before Buying Property in Melbourne in 2023

Entering the property market in 2023 presents exciting opportunities for both homebuyers and investors. Despite the economic uncertainty and rising interest rates, experts suggest that the year ahead holds promise for savvy individuals looking to climb the property ladder. To make informed decisions, it’s important to consider several factors before making your next property move. Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or investing, here are six crucial things to know before buying property in Melbourne 2023.

1.Understand your borrowing capacity

While property prices have softened, it’s essential to note that they have not fallen significantly compared to previous years. Additionally, rising interest rates have reduced the average borrowing capacity for homebuyers by around 25%. When determining how much to borrow, consider not only the purchase price but also additional costs such as stamp duty, body corporate fees, land tax, and building inspections. Utilise online calculators to estimate your borrowing power and set a realistic budget.

2.Account for upfront costs

In addition to the deposit, there are several upfront costs associated with buying property in Melbourne in 2023. Stamp duty, one of the largest upfront expenses, varies by state or territory and should be factored into your budget. Stay updated on the latest stamp duty regulations and use online calculators to estimate your upfront costs accurately. Being aware of these expenses will help you avoid unpleasant surprises during the purchasing process.

3.Assess the market conditions

As interest rates continue to rise, there is a possibility of further property price declines in 2023. Monitoring market trends and seeking professional advice can provide valuable insights. While it’s impossible to predict the future, understanding the impact of interest rate hikes on property prices can help inform your decision-making process. If you believe that interest rate rises may subside in the near future, it could be advantageous to wait before making a purchase.

4.Evaluate the timing of selling and buying property in Melbourne in 2023

Deciding whether to sell your current property before buying a new one involves careful consideration. Buying property in Melbourne in 2023 first provides certainty of securing a home, but it also means taking on multiple mortgages, which may not be financially viable. Selling before buying property in Melbourne in 2023 eliminates the risk of overextending yourself financially. Before making a decision, determine the value of your current property and consider your outstanding home loan balance to set a realistic budget for your new purchase.

5.Assess the investment property landscape

Considering an investment property? The current market conditions indicate low rental vacancy rates and a shortage of rental accommodation. This situation suggests that investing in a rental property could be favourable in the long term. However, it’s essential to focus on the economic aspects rather than emotional factors when making investment decisions. Analyse rental yields, demand, and market conditions to ensure a sound investment strategy.

6.Understand the impact of market fluctuations

Attempting to time the market and predict future trends is a challenging task. Selling and buying property in Melbourne in 2023 are influenced by the same market conditions, meaning that high selling prices often correspond with high buying prices. However, it’s worth noting that homeowners who have held their properties for the past few years have generally benefited from favourable market conditions. If you are selling and buying property in Melbourne in 2023 simultaneously, consider the relative impact of prices to make informed decisions.


As you navigate the property market in 2023, it’s crucial to be well-informed and consider these six key factors before making your next property move. Understanding your borrowing capacity, factoring in upfront costs, assessing market conditions, evaluating timing decisions, analysing investment opportunities, and comprehending market fluctuations will empower you to make confident and informed decisions. Remember, seeking professional advice and staying up to date with market trends will further enhance your property-buying journey in 2023.


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