Licensed conveyancer or property lawyer

Licensed conveyancers Victoria or property lawyers

Conveyancing work, in conjunction with the purchase or sale of property, can be carried out by licensed conveyancers Victoria or property lawyers.

Conveyancers must be licensed by the Business Licensing Authority and comply with the requirements of the Conveyancers Act 2006.

The Legal Services Board (LSB) regulates lawyers, while Consumer Affairs Victoria regulates conveyancers. The list of current licensed conveyancers Victoria can be accessed through the public register of licensed conveyancers.

Conveyancing work, as defined in Section 4, “means legal work carried out in connection with any… real or personal property” transaction.

This can include:

–> the sale of a freehold interest in land; or

–> the grant of a mortgage or other charge; or

–> legal work involved in preparing any document (such as an agreement, conveyance, transfer, lease or mortgage); or

–> legal work connected with the sale of a business, including the sale of goodwill and stock-in-trade and the transfer of any business licence or permit.

Conveyancing work, however, does NOT include legal work carried out for the purpose of:

–> commencing or maintaining legal proceedings; or

–> applying for a grant of probate or letters of administration; or

–> establishing a corporation or varying the constitution of a corporation; or

–> creating, varying or extinguishing a trust; or

–> giving investment or financial advice.

Property lawyers’ main area of practice is conveyancing. While licensed conveyancers Victoria are limited to performing “conveyancing work”, property lawyers are able to perform all types of legal work associated with a conveyancing transactions.

For instance, if your transaction becomes litigious, then a property lawyer has the legal and conveyancing expertise to handle the transaction without the need to refer you to someone else.

Property lawyers, compared with licenced conveyancers Victoria, are also better equipped to interpret legal documents, such as contracts of sale and Section 32 vendor statements.

Contact our qualified property lawyers to assist you with your conveyancing transaction.

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