Do you need to use a local conveyancing firm? Exploring the benefits of online conveyancing

Do you need to use a local conveyancing firm? Exploring the benefits of online conveyancing with PEXA and electronic verification

In the past, using a local solicitor for conveyancing was the norm due to its convenience and familiarity with the local area. However, with the rise of technology, the process of buying or selling a property has evolved, making the physical proximity of a conveyancing firm less crucial. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the advantages of considering non-local conveyancing firms, especially those offering online electronic property settlement through platforms like PEXA, and utilising online verification processes through Zoom or Australia Post’s verification of identity process. By broadening your options, you can find a conveyancing firm with specialised expertise and experience to provide you with a reliable and efficient service.


The Benefits of Non-Local Conveyancing Firms:

  1. Faster process: Conveyancing conducted electronically and online can be carried out more swiftly, saving you valuable time and minimising disruptions to your schedule. The location of the firm is no longer a significant factor in the efficiency of the process.
  2. Specialised expertise: Choosing a firm outside your local area allows you to search for experts with specific experience in handling the type of property you are dealing with. This can be particularly advantageous for properties with complex issues, such as those listed or located in difference zones
  3. Freedom of choice: The convenience of technology empowers you to choose from a broader range of non-local conveyancing firms. You’re not limited to local options, giving you the opportunity to find the best quality service at a reasonable cost.


Finding the Right Conveyancer

When searching for a conveyancer or property lawyer, cost and locality should not be the sole determinants of your decision. Instead, consider the following factors to ensure a reliable and smooth conveyancing process:

  1. Legal and conveyancing accreditation: Look for firms accredited by either Consumer Affairs and/or the Legal Services Board, which signifies recognised quality in property transactions. Also ensure the conveyancing of law firm has the relevant professional indemnity insurance.
  2. Testimonials and recommendations: Seek testimonials and recommendations from previous customers to gauge the firm’s reliability and reputation.
  3. Direct contact information: Opt for a firm that provides personal email addresses and phone numbers for direct communication throughout the process, giving you more control and responsiveness. Direct contact information will also add additional transparency to the conveyancing process.
  4. Firm’s experience and size: Consider the firm’s longevity and size, as larger, well-established firms are likely to have experienced staff to handle your transaction effectively.
  5. Solicitor or Conveyancer: Decide whether you need a law firm or a conveyancing firm based on the complexity of your transaction.


Why choose Haitch Conveyanicng as your local conveyancing firm?

Haitch Conveyancing  is a trusted conveyancing firm with expert property lawyers and conveyancers. With extensive experience in conveyancing for various property types across Victoria, our fully qualified solicitors and conveyancers possess the expertise to handle complex transactions with utmost care. We offer direct communication channels through phone and email, empowering you with up-to-date information throughout the process. Additionally, you can conveniently track your case for free online, providing you with transparency and peace of mind.

The traditional reliance on local conveyancing firms is no longer a necessity in today’s digital age. Utilising online platforms like PEXA for electronic property settlement and online verification processes through Zoom or Australia Post offers numerous advantages. By expanding your options to include non-local firms, you gain access to specialised expertise and a broader range of choices. When selecting a conveyancer, prioritise factors such as accreditation, testimonials and direct contact to ensure a smooth and efficient conveyancing experience. At Haitch Conveyanicng, we are committed to providing you with high-quality conveyancing services, backed by our expertise and dedication to excellence.


Contact our team on (03) 8590 8370 to obtain legal advice from our expert property lawyers and conveyancers. We are an online conveyancing firm that can assist when buying or selling property.

This update does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. It is intended only to provide a summary and general overview on matters of interest and it is not intended to be comprehensive. You should seek legal or other professional advice before acting or relying on any of the content.

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