Lost Certificate of Title

How do you replace a lost certificate of tile in Melbourne, Victoria?

To replace a lost certificate of title in Melbourne, Victoria, you need to apply for a new paper certificate of title. As of August 1, 2019, conveyancers or lawyers representing clients in an application for a new paper certificate of title must submit the application through the electronic lodgement network (PEXA), unless an exemption applies.

Do you need to pay insurance when you apply for a replacement of a lost certificate of title?

The fees for replacing a lost certificate of title are payable to Land Use Victoria at the time of lodgement. There may also be additional assurance contribution payment required if the application is assessed as high-risk.

The current disbursements breakdown to obtain a replacement for lost certificate of title is as follows


What is the process of replacing a lost certificate of title in Melbourne, Victoria?

The process of replacing a lost certificate of title in Melbourne, Victoria involves the following steps:

  1. Complete the Application for a new paper Certificate of Title in place of one lost or destroyed (Form 10) .
  2. Provide a statutory declaration from all registered proprietors, explaining what happened to the certificate of title after it was issued.
  3. Verify the identity of all parties to the conveyancing transaction. If represented by a conveyancer or lawyer, the conveyancer or lawyer will verify the client’s identity. If not represented, identity verification may be undertaken at Australia Post.
  4. Obtain an issue search from Land Use Victoria to determine the last issuing party. If the online Issued Document Enquiry does not indicate the last issuing party, a manual Issue Search Request may be needed.
  5. Make extensive enquiries with the party to whom the certificate of title was last issued to as a statutory declaration may be required from this party.
  6. If the registered proprietor of the land is a company, a company search identifying the company’s officers will be required.
  7. Pay the Land Use Victoria fees at the time of lodgement.
  8. Obtain an up-to-date title search and issue search before lodging the application at Land Use Victoria.
  9. Complete the application form, either online or manually, following the guidelines provided on the Land Use Victoria website.
  10. Lodge the completed form and required documents at Land Use Victoria.
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