Do I need a conveyancer before making an offer?

Do I need a conveyancer before making an offer? Why engaging a conveyancer is vital for property buyers

Buying property is an exciting journey, but it can also be overwhelming and filled with uncertainties. To navigate the complex legal aspects of property purchases, having the right experts in your corner is essential. Among them, a conveyancer or property plays a pivotal role. While not mandatory before making an offer, engaging a conveyancer before making an offer is highly recommended. In this article, we will explore the reasons why having a conveyancer on board early in the buying process can be a game-changer.


1. The role of a conveyancer before making an offer

A conveyancer is not just a legal professional who reviews your sales contract. They bring much more value to the table. Conveyancers identify potential property issues, negotiate contract terms in your favor, and calculate stamp duty and government fees related to the purchase. Their guidance ensures that you remain informed at every step, helping you avoid costly mistakes.


2. When to engage a conveyancer before making an offer

While it may not be necessary to have a conveyancer before making an offer, it is highly advisable to do so. It is highly recommended that you  hire a conveyancer before making an offer. Depending on your unique circumstances, preferences, and the property’s complexity, engaging a conveyancer earlier in the buying process might be beneficial.


3. Importance of a conveyancer when purchasing land

When buying land, the role of a conveyancer becomes even more critical. Purchasing land can be more intricate than buying an existing property, and a conveyancer can help you navigate through the complexities. They will unveil any restrictions, building envelopes, covenants, or overlays that may impact your construction plans and property use. Having this information beforehand can prevent unfavorable deals and future complications.


4. Conveyancers and auctions

If you are considering making an offer at an auction, having a conveyancer’s assistance is imperative. When you register as a bidder, you will receive the contract of sale, which will contain vital information about the property and its terms. Having a conveyancer review the contract before the auction ensures you make an informed decision and avoid unforeseen financial burdens. Any purchase at auction will be an unconditional purchase and cannot be subject to any conditions (such as subject to finance or subject to building or pest inspection).


5. Benefits of engaging a conveyancer early

Choosing to involve a conveyancer before making an offer comes with several advantages:

  • Thorough research: A qualified conveyancer will conduct comprehensive property and title research, minimizing potential hiccups and obstacles in the buying process.
  • Financial clarity: Conveyancers calculate all taxes such as stamp duty and costs associated with the purchase, helping you create a realistic budget for your offer.
  • Insights and easements: By uncovering property insights and easements, a conveyancer informs you of any usage restrictions or limitations even after you become the owner.
  • Document review: Crucially, a conveyancer will meticulously check your documentation, rectifying errors or oversights that could lead to financial liability or the loss of your dream property.
  • Drafting of special conditions: Conveyancers can draft special conditions to cater for your specific circumstance. They can also propose amendments to existing special conditions in the contract of sale.

While it might not be obligatory, engaging a conveyancer before making an offer is a prudent decision for property buyers. Whether you are purchasing a house, an apartment, or a block of land, having a conveyancer on your side can safeguard your interests, save you from potential heartache, and transform your property ownership goals into realities.

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